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DIY 990 Clinic

Learn How to Easily Complete IRS Form 990

When it comes to dealing with any government agency, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and a bit nervous. But when dealing with the IRS, it’s even more likely to happen, especially when words such as penalty and audit are thrown around.


Add to this the stress most people feel when trying to make heads or tails of their tax forms, and you can see why so many nonprofits hire us to help.


That said, there are plenty of organizations out there who’d like to be able to file their taxes on their own. That’s why we’ve put together a workshop specifically for those DIY-ers.


With our DIY 990 Clinic, we’ve created an easy-to-follow, easy-to-do process for completing IRS Form 990. As a part of this workshop, we guide you through each part of the form and explain what it’s asking and what’s needed from your organization to complete it. You’ll also have us right there to answer any questions or do research for you.

This workshop is for you if ...

  • You plan on filing your own 990/990-EZ.

  • You have less than $250k of revenue.

  • You want to set aside time to work on your 990 so you can move on.

This workshop is not for you if ...

  • Your organization's finances aren’t in order. (We’ll still be able to help, but you’ll likely be leaving with a longer to-do list than others.)

  • You run a private foundation.

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