Understanding Money Within Your Nonprofit

When you’re trying to help the world and make an impact at the same time, the last thing on your mind is money.


But if you’re unable to share your nonprofit’s financial story, mission and expenditures to donors, you could seriously hurt your chances of raising funds.


And worse ...


Not accounting for each dollar within your organization can cause you to risk mismanaging money or you could even miss your goal of making an impact altogether.


And, that’s why I’m here.

Hey, I’m Chyla Graham, CPA and President of CNRG Accounting Advisory, LLC. I provide financial guidance and support to nonprofits so they can thrive and be successful.


Over the past few years, we’ve uncovered a huge disconnect between organizations’ missions and how they spend resources.


And I created Impact Basics so you and so many other nonprofit leaders and executives can finally connect the dots.

This course will help you...

  • Get your questions answered by a real CPA who knows the ins and outs of nonprofit accounting.

  • Avoid mismanaging funds so you can use money raised and gifted for its intended purposes, all while making sure you reach your mission’s goals.

  • Become more confident and prepared to do day-to-day accounting on your own.

  • Get the resources you need so you’re never alone in the financial management process.

  • Feel more comfortable paying and managing a bookkeeper for your organization.

Make An Impact With Money

Your Mission Is Worth It!

You know the minimum is not going to cut it and you need to gain the knowledge and skills that has led to over $2.2 million in funding in less than five years for other nonprofits.


You need to know how to talk about money because the success of your organization isn’t just about the clients served, it's about the impact you can make and you need money to do it.

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